Linked Notes 2.5 Released

Linked Notes 2.5 is now available on our download page.  It’s been a while since we updated Linked Notes software.  It’s used by thousands of people everyday.  It’s a mature and reliable product.  Due to one significant bug fix and Google’s decision to change their Docs API, we decided it was time for a release.

Here are the highlights of this release.

  • Bug Fix: Prevent new page with same name in different case from corrupting index
  • Drop support for
  • Drop publish to Google Docs – API is no longer available

Please continue to send us your enhancement ideas.

Linked Notes software is a personal Wiki. It provides basic note taking features. The software accommodates quick and easy organization of information into pages. Pages can be easily linked by name and organized using the page index.

The Linked Notes Free Edition is free for everyone to use. The Linked Notes Premium Edition includes additional features, and may be purchased for a nominal charge. Premium licensees are entitled to all future upgrades. Please visit our website for more information.